Elevated Blood Pressure Control


What Josh does not know- may kill him.
A need for elevated blood pressure control may be the answer to Josh’s vague symptoms. Place yourself as a “fly on the wall” to see and feel Josh’s life the last week. Each morning upon waking he feels a slight and subtle throbbing in his head. His co-workers have even inquired if everything is ok because he seems a little stressed or short –fused. Upon hearing these questions he remembered sharing with his wife 3 nights ago, that he experienced sensations of throat discomfort, dizziness, blurred vision, and even slight nausea for seemingly no reason. Little does Josh know, that often, by the time a person becomes aware of these non-pinpointing symptoms, high blood pressure control mechanisms are warranted.

Why Do They Call It The Silent Killer?
People often do not suspect they have hypertension (high blood pressure) until they have symptoms arising from secondary organ malfunction that motivates them to seek medical intervention. This is the result of damage to other parts of the body caused by ongoing, long-term high blood pressure.

What Factors Increase Your Risk Of Having Elevated Or High Blood Pressure?
• Gender: Women increase the chance after menopause
• Race: African- Americans are more likely to have the experience
• Age: The risk increases dramatically (90%) after the age 55
• Genetics
• Prolonged high levels of stress (chronic stress)
• Smoking , and large amount s of alcohol
• Being overweight and lack of exercise
• High levels of salt intake and low levels of potassium intake

What Is Your Blood Pressure?
It is important to have a baseline or documentation of what your blood pressure is-getting it checked could save your life! Blood Pressure is measured in 2 ways: Systolic and Diastolic.
Systolic Diastolic
Normal: < 120 mmHg -80 mmHg Elevated: 120-130 mmHg 80-89 mmHg Stage 1 140-159 mmHg 90-99 mmHg Stage2 160+ mmHg 100+ mmHg Sources for Getting Your Blood Pressure Checked Get your blood pressure monitored on your next visit to your Doctor, clinic, health practitioner, or community screening! Additionally, you may be tempted, especially during our “economic downturn” to measure your pressure at your local drug or grocery store or kiosk. In a recent article, it was noted, that the blood pressure machines probably start out accurate in the beginning and over time, due to no regulation for accuracy, stand a good chance of losing their calibration. Own Your Own: Owning your own blood pressure monitor to use at home will provide you convenience, peace of mind, and the most up-to-date-readings. Get your review of the best and most accurate blood pressure monitors on the market today! Get your Free Report

Experience that reassuring feeling, knowing you are taking care of yourself by being aware of your blood pressure numbers!
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