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A sound recording designed to lower blood pressure.
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Most effective when listened to in a quiet relaxed setting.  ENJOY!

Healthy Blood Pressure


Mona Oyos launched this website to offer information and solutions to others that have high blood pressure.   She  has or is currently using what is available on this site to maintain her own …  normal blood pressure.

Mona’s  discovery and study of the body, mind and spirit and it’s connection to health and well-being began at a young age and continues to this day.

She supports the concept that the foundation of all health takes the holistic approach to well-being. This is the platform, she herself practices and provides services to enrich others lives.

No stranger to allopathic or western medicine, for close to 30 years, Mona continues to practice in the field of cardiology as an echocardiographer (sound waves of the heart) – seeing thousands of patients with all kinds of heart disease….including high blood pressure!

Having a relatively healthy lifestyle, and a wealth of knowledge about health, the heart, and personal growth – imagine how SURPRISED she was to discover that she too had developed high blood pressure!

Her philosophy in healing herself of high blood pressure is and was to find the underlying reason(s). This required making changes in lifestyle (can anyone relate to being addicted to adrenaline?)

Using alternative methods (versus pharmaceutical medication) for lowering the pressure was a challenging decision, due to the awareness of all the horrible possibilities that can come with high blood pressure.

Mona strongly supports the choise for those who want to treat the symptoms of high blood pressure with cardiac medications. She works with individuals who are currently on medications and want to reduce or eliminate taking medications as well as those who want to address their high blood pressure with “alternative” methods.

She educates from the holistic perspective, that the medications do not heal or cure their hypertensive disease and that there are often life altering side effects from the drugs. Additionally, those that want to find other solutions to their hypertension, may need to include a multidisciplinary approach.

Most patients and clients, she has experienced, have a desire to take a more active role in curing the cause of their high blood pressure, with the chance of eliminating the necessity of medication or of reducing their medication(s) and perhaps getting off of them completely.

Mona is passionate about sharing options that empower people to take control of their life and health!