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Peace For A Hypertensive World

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

We can all do our parts to create peace for a hypertensive world and in ourselves on Sept 21 at 12:00 noon….where ever you are!

Peace Week is actually occurring from September 14-21st. You can register for the largest global tele-summit virtual peace gathering at

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Magnesium Crystals

Managing hypertension with magnesium is one of the 47 (and growing) diseases that have been found to have a significant relationship with low levels of magnesium.  It’s been found that 68% of the US population does not meet the US RDA for adequate amounts of magnesium, which according to some is a low estimate.

Magnesium can make some conditions worse: Kidney Disease, Atrial Fibrillation, Bradacardia (slow heart rate), Myasthenia Gravis or magnesium Level overload.


If you are taking hypertensive medication, and begin to supplement with magnesium, check with your doctor to monitor for the probable need to reduce or eliminate your medication.

Our friend or foe – lifestyle – can be a factor for dramatic reduction of magnesium. Levels can vary from situation to to situation and hour to hour and I’ve listed just a few conditions or choices that may be impacting you.
Alcohol- any kind
Sodas- both diet and regular
High Table/Iodized Salt Intake
Stress – physical, emotional, mental
Carbohydrates- anything white (sugar, flour,rice) and high fructose corn syrup

Except when evidence suggest that a severe magnesium deficiency exists, if your doctor suggests you do a blood test to evaluate your level, please consider this: a small percentage of magnesium is in the blood, most of it – most of it is contained in the cells.  So the possibility of a false negative (normal Level) may show when in fact there is a deficiency.
For greater information and research
Check out Dr. Carolyn Dean from  The Magnesium Miracle
“A serum test for magnesium is actually worse than ineffective, because a test result that is within normal limits lends a false sense of security about the status of the mineral in the body. It also explains why doctors don’t recognize magnesium deficiency; they assume serum magnesium levels are an accurate measure of all the magnesium in the body.”

In 1997, the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine increased the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for magnesium to 500 milligrams/day.  Many report this as the minimum with some advocating up to 1000 milligrams/day.  A good average for adults: 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 milligrams per day, per pound of body weight.

Eating magnesium-rich foods is an option, however unless you are very specific about where you get your food (organic, grown in fertilizer containing magnesium), the purpose will most likely be defeated due to depleted soils.

Look for magnesium products chelated with ALBION, (the world leader and innovator in mineral amino acid chelate nutrition).  You can obtain Albion chelated magnesium in Jigsaw Magnesium w/ SRT
Beware! Many companies market and claim their product to be made with a chelate (bound) to other ingredients that allow greater cellular absorption  – but in fact, contain elements of differing  types of magnesium, which can dramatically magnify a deficiency by causing diarrhea and have been found to be neurotoxic.

Many aspects affect the bodies ability to absorb oral magnesium.

Magnesium can be energizing so it’s best to take supplements in the earlier part of the day and refrain from taking in evening. Interesting though – it helps those with insomnia also, due to magnesium relaxing muscles!

Topical or trans dermal Magnesium enters the cells directly. It is found to be the most efficient method at restoring cellular magnesium levels in the shortest amount of time.
I recommend Ancient Minerals.
While some bath with Epsom Salts for magnesium, absorption can be short-lived as it contains sulfate, which is rapidly excreted through the kidneys and therefore difficult to assimilate.

The value of supplementing with magnesium can not be overstated and is just one more option for controlling your high blood pressure!

To your vibrant health!

Rio's prescription

Rio's Health Minister

Rio’s prescription – the 2 S’s is about sex and salt.

The end of April, Brazil’s Health Minister Jose Gomes Temporao discussed the rise in it’s citizens blood pressure, with the “typical” blood pressure lowering advise and also suggested sex 5 times per week.

With all the flurry that surfaced, this is what came to mind:

1. Why do American’s, in particular, get their feathers ruffled so much about sex?

Most of the commentary that came out of his statement produced a lot of jokes and boiled down to the fact that sex 5x/wk, would not be a sufficient cardiovascular workout for heart health benefits.

There is such a concept of the cumulative effects when it comes to “workouts!”

Kudos to Mr. Temporao, for his “holistic” approach to the many modalities for overall health and in particular heart health.

In addition to possible increases in heart rate, (a cardiovascular workout)
studies show that one can experience reduction in depression, stress, blood pressure and boost beneficial hormone production with sex.

Rio's prescription

Salt Study

Early in May, researcher Dr. Eduardo Pimenta from the Dante Pazzanese Institute of Cardiology, Sao Paulo, Brazil, presented a salt study for American Heart Association’s 62nd Annual Fall Conference ofthe Council for High Blood Pressure Research in Atlanta.

Resistant hypertension is a term used when a person is on 3 or more cardiac medications to control blood pressure.

13 resistant hypertensives were studied and per Dr. Temporao, “We were expecting blood pressure reduction with low-salt diet but the reduction was larger than we expected.”

To gain greater control of your hypertension and possibly reduce the number of cardiac drugs, limit your salt consumption to 1 teaspoon of salt/day.

There is controversy about the notion that salt = hypertension. Looking forward to covering that in a future blog.

To your health!
~ Mona ~

Your Neck and High Blood Pressure

Your neck and high blood pressure may have a direct relationship!

In March of 2008, a study was published in the Journal of Hypertension to take a look at the relationship between having a neck adjustment and a drop in high blood pressure.

The results were significant: The average drop in pressure was 17 points! This was so favorable that they commissioned a much larger study.

Located at the very top of the spine, sets the C-1 (Atlas) vertebra. When it’s out of place, it can pinch arteries and nerves at the neck’s base, which affects blood flow and for some causes discomfort.

When the C-1 vertebra is misaligned, it is the bodies natural response  to maintain nourishment of the body with oxygen rich blood flow – it does it by raising the pressure.

Some people are queasy about neck manipulations and have been negatively conditioned about chiropractors – consider this:

Chiropractors that specialize in aligning the C1 vertebra, are part of the National Upper Cervical Chiropractor Association or NUCCA. The adjustment is called the NUCCA technique, and is very gentle.

Whether you are currently on medication for high blood pressure or it’s been suggested that you take them, try asking for a cervical x-ray to see if your C1 is out – that may be your blood pressure solution!

Manipulation to realign my C1 was part of my personal protocol for curing my high blood pressure!

To Your Health!

~ Mona ~

Check out this video for more info!


A study was done to evaluate how many people, scheduled
for surgery, were using cardiac medications and alternative techniques.
(Eric H. Liu,et al; Surgery for acquired cardiovascular disease
and use of alternative medicine by patients undergoing cardiac surgery.)

The result?   75%!

Of significance and something I often encounter when
practicing echocardiography, is that 48% were not
interested or willing to share with their doctor that
they were using alternative therapies.

Cocktails – Medicine And Alternative Therapies

This opens the platform for the concept of cocktails and
the mixing together of  ingredients.

Quite common, most medicated hypertensive patients are
on cardiac cocktails (a number of different heart medications.)
The above study would suggest that the majority of people are
combining some type of complimentary modality.

Are you one of those 75% who combine alternative
therapy with high blood pressure medicine?
Please,  let us know your experience below.

As a researcher, I would have gone further in the study to
understand why people employ a cocktail of medical modalities.
Perhaps the rational for combining traditional and alternative
methods is a desire to heal the underlying cause versus treating
the symptom of high blood pressure.

Again, the idea of cocktails creates a common connection
between heart medications and complimentary methods.
Just as in traditional medicine, where multiple heart drugs
are often needed to stabilize blood pressure, the same can
be found with holistic medicine – a cocktail of implementing
alternative methods and lifestyle choices is commonly required
to treat the underlying cause of hypertension.

In this blog, we look forward to sharing information and numerous
natural methods which treat the source of high blood pressure,
to empower a healthier, happier you.

A cautionary note: If you are scheduled for surgery, please
discuss with your doctor and anesthesiologist your use of alternative techniques and cardiac medications to ensure the best outcome of the surgery.

Elevated Blood Pressure Control


What Josh does not know- may kill him.
A need for elevated blood pressure control may be the answer to Josh’s vague symptoms. Place yourself as a “fly on the wall” to see and feel Josh’s life the last week. Each morning upon waking he feels a slight and subtle throbbing in his head. His co-workers have even inquired if everything is ok because he seems a little stressed or short –fused. Upon hearing these questions he remembered sharing with his wife 3 nights ago, that he experienced sensations of throat discomfort, dizziness, blurred vision, and even slight nausea for seemingly no reason. Little does Josh know, that often, by the time a person becomes aware of these non-pinpointing symptoms, high blood pressure control mechanisms are warranted.

Why Do They Call It The Silent Killer?
People often do not suspect they have hypertension (high blood pressure) until they have symptoms arising from secondary organ malfunction that motivates them to seek medical intervention. This is the result of damage to other parts of the body caused by ongoing, long-term high blood pressure.

What Factors Increase Your Risk Of Having Elevated Or High Blood Pressure?
• Gender: Women increase the chance after menopause
• Race: African- Americans are more likely to have the experience
• Age: The risk increases dramatically (90%) after the age 55
• Genetics
• Prolonged high levels of stress (chronic stress)
• Smoking , and large amount s of alcohol
• Being overweight and lack of exercise
• High levels of salt intake and low levels of potassium intake

What Is Your Blood Pressure?
It is important to have a baseline or documentation of what your blood pressure is-getting it checked could save your life! Blood Pressure is measured in 2 ways: Systolic and Diastolic.
Systolic Diastolic
Normal: < 120 mmHg -80 mmHg Elevated: 120-130 mmHg 80-89 mmHg Stage 1 140-159 mmHg 90-99 mmHg Stage2 160+ mmHg 100+ mmHg Sources for Getting Your Blood Pressure Checked Get your blood pressure monitored on your next visit to your Doctor, clinic, health practitioner, or community screening! Additionally, you may be tempted, especially during our “economic downturn” to measure your pressure at your local drug or grocery store or kiosk. In a recent article, it was noted, that the blood pressure machines probably start out accurate in the beginning and over time, due to no regulation for accuracy, stand a good chance of losing their calibration. Own Your Own: Owning your own blood pressure monitor to use at home will provide you convenience, peace of mind, and the most up-to-date-readings. Get your review of the best and most accurate blood pressure monitors on the market today! Get your Free Report

Experience that reassuring feeling, knowing you are taking care of yourself by being aware of your blood pressure numbers!
Check this video out to ensure you get accurate numbers!