Hypertension & Healing With The Masters

Hypertension & Healing With The Masters

Genetics, Hypertension and Healing with the Masters have an intertwining relationship.

We are told how important it is to know our family medical history – if our family members have high blood pressure, then as a risk factor, we are most likely to succumb to the disease also.

This fate can put us in a victimized controlled state of acceptance, with little options except medicine due to the horrible life-threatening complications that can occur with hypertensive dis-ease.

According to Dr. Chakravarti at the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine,  “If we can increase the number of genes implicated in blood pressure maintenance from the current 12 to the expected 50 in the next year, our understanding of the biology will change completely.”  The interesting thing about these newly found genes that regulate blood pressure – none are addressed by current prescription drugs to control blood pressure.

New Biology

Perhaps  the understanding of biology has already changed completely.  This is where Healing with the Masters blends with genetics and high blood pressure.

Currently running and on-going until May 2010,   Healing With The Masters is a free interview teleseminar series with the leaders in Wellness and new thought.  One of the speakers is Dr. Bruce Lipton, a pioneer in the field of New Biology, where research shows that genes and DNA are not in control of our biology.  What controls our genes, are signals received from our positive and negative thoughts!

Check out the video on Dr. Lipton and the New Biology:

Wow! This puts us back in the driver’s seat to control and possibly cure our hypertensive disease.

Healing With The Masters series, is introducing me to new leaders in wellness and I am delighted to see that my friend, Howard Martin, with HeartMath is presenting also!