A study was done to evaluate how many people, scheduled
for surgery, were using cardiac medications and alternative techniques.
(Eric H. Liu,et al; Surgery for acquired cardiovascular disease
and use of alternative medicine by patients undergoing cardiac surgery.)

The result?   75%!

Of significance and something I often encounter when
practicing echocardiography, is that 48% were not
interested or willing to share with their doctor that
they were using alternative therapies.

Cocktails – Medicine And Alternative Therapies

This opens the platform for the concept of cocktails and
the mixing together of  ingredients.

Quite common, most medicated hypertensive patients are
on cardiac cocktails (a number of different heart medications.)
The above study would suggest that the majority of people are
combining some type of complimentary modality.

Are you one of those 75% who combine alternative
therapy with high blood pressure medicine?
Please,  let us know your experience below.

As a researcher, I would have gone further in the study to
understand why people employ a cocktail of medical modalities.
Perhaps the rational for combining traditional and alternative
methods is a desire to heal the underlying cause versus treating
the symptom of high blood pressure.

Again, the idea of cocktails creates a common connection
between heart medications and complimentary methods.
Just as in traditional medicine, where multiple heart drugs
are often needed to stabilize blood pressure, the same can
be found with holistic medicine – a cocktail of implementing
alternative methods and lifestyle choices is commonly required
to treat the underlying cause of hypertension.

In this blog, we look forward to sharing information and numerous
natural methods which treat the source of high blood pressure,
to empower a healthier, happier you.

A cautionary note: If you are scheduled for surgery, please
discuss with your doctor and anesthesiologist your use of alternative techniques and cardiac medications to ensure the best outcome of the surgery.