Rio's prescription

Rio's Health Minister

Rio’s prescription – the 2 S’s is about sex and salt.

The end of April, Brazil’s Health Minister Jose Gomes Temporao discussed the rise in it’s citizens blood pressure, with the “typical” blood pressure lowering advise and also suggested sex 5 times per week.

With all the flurry that surfaced, this is what came to mind:

1. Why do American’s, in particular, get their feathers ruffled so much about sex?

Most of the commentary that came out of his statement produced a lot of jokes and boiled down to the fact that sex 5x/wk, would not be a sufficient cardiovascular workout for heart health benefits.

There is such a concept of the cumulative effects when it comes to “workouts!”

Kudos to Mr. Temporao, for his “holistic” approach to the many modalities for overall health and in particular heart health.

In addition to possible increases in heart rate, (a cardiovascular workout)
studies show that one can experience reduction in depression, stress, blood pressure and boost beneficial hormone production with sex.

Rio's prescription

Salt Study

Early in May, researcher Dr. Eduardo Pimenta from the Dante Pazzanese Institute of Cardiology, Sao Paulo, Brazil, presented a salt study for American Heart Association’s 62nd Annual Fall Conference ofthe Council for High Blood Pressure Research in Atlanta.

Resistant hypertension is a term used when a person is on 3 or more cardiac medications to control blood pressure.

13 resistant hypertensives were studied and per Dr. Temporao, “We were expecting blood pressure reduction with low-salt diet but the reduction was larger than we expected.”

To gain greater control of your hypertension and possibly reduce the number of cardiac drugs, limit your salt consumption to 1 teaspoon of salt/day.

There is controversy about the notion that salt = hypertension. Looking forward to covering that in a future blog.

To your health!
~ Mona ~