I would have never thought tapping to control high blood pressure would save me a trip to the hospital.

Within the last year, my journey with hypertension became much more personal:

It was late at night, laying in bed, and I had bodily symptoms that were so pronounced and frightening, that my mind screamed, “Dangerously High Blood Pressure.”

I was torn on what to do – the traditional side knew I should go to the hospital, the complimentary side wanted to use techniques that have helped others (knowing that getting on hypertensive drugs would possibly bring the pressure down BUT would not fix the underlying problem.

Tapping is the technique that saved me that night,  to make it to the next morning and continues to be a part of my health care practice for the normal blood pressure I now have!

Yes, time has passed since the last posting…

This blog was started a year ago to offer options, ideas, information and proven solutions to control high blood pressure and reclaiming health – by any means necessary – so that those who are:

* Diagnosed “Hypertensive” and on medication
* Diagnosed as Pre-Hypertensive & not on medication
* Wishing to reduce and or discontinue medication
* Proactive folks with possible risk factors for heart  disease

Could receive value and a platform to share experiences with high blood pressure.

Establishing the site was done with confidence due to 2 factors:

  • Being a 27+ year practicing echocardiographer, in traditional medicine, seeing 1,000’s of patients for high blood pressure.
  • Being a 35+ year practitioner in “complimentary” medicine, helping client’s improving their health physically, emotionally, or mentally.

In hind-site, it appears that the confidence, wealth of knowledge, and “removed” experience with high blood pressure and the first posting was not enough.

Tapping, also called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), is a process that is a combination of Chinese medicine, practiced for thousands of years and modern neurocognitive science. It is a potent tool and has application for any aspect of life.

Currently, “The Tapping World Summit 2010” is broadcasting an online audio event with over 110,000 people registering. The main summit is free with 2 interview presentations each day, and available to listen to online for 24 hours.

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The Tapping Solution DVD

See how tapping is used to control high blood pressure…

Yours in health!


P.S.  Tap to control high blood pressure …..and oh so much more!